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AUTOID stocks a comprehensive range of genuine Audi parts in the UK. We stock a full range of authentic Audi accessories, including carbon fibre Audi S3 rear diffusers, Audi A5 front splitters and Audi RS5 spoilers. No matter what your model is, we have parts to suit.

Audi cars are some of the world’s best. They utilise premium German engineering to garner power and velocity in every model, from the A1 through to the R8. Combined with sleek and svelte outer designs, Audi is recognised as a premium car brand the world over. The luxury extends through the interior, making Audis long-term cars that spark joy in every journey. 

Whilst the cars have been crafted to the very highest standard, there is ample opportunity to personalise your vehicle. If you’re looking to customise and modify your Audi, you need to ensure you’re using only genuine Audi parts and accessories. These innovative machines command respect, not cheap mods from unauthentic suppliers. 

Audi Parts and Accessories

At AUTOID, we are proud to supply Audi-approved parts so that your car remains a thoroughbred Audi, even with modifications. 

You can find parts for all major models, including the Audi A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7 cars. We also stock accessories for the sports Audi S3 and S5 models, as well as the Audi TT and TTS vehicles. The RS range is Audi’s racing sport range, with some of the fastest models the manufacturer makes. We stock parts for the RS3, RS4, RS5 and RS6 cars, as well as the premium and fastest model, the Audi R8. 

The R8 is an impressive feat of vehicular engineering, but with an Audi R8 rear diffuser, you can amplify the natural harmony of the car and intensify it, ensuring that – if they weren’t already – all eyes will be on you. 

For smaller scale modifications, we have a range of blacked-out grille badges and carbon fibre mirror covers, giving your car a refined yet subtle change. You can further upgrade the look of your car with a carbon fibre Audi A5 spoiler. Whatever your modification desires are, we can help, be it the look and/or the sound. 

For more information about our collection of Audi components, please contact us