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BLACKLINE Performance Edition Blue Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover for BMW M Vehicles (N55, S55, S63)


Our highly anticipated BMW product release with our all new limited production color way introduction of our BMW M Car Series BLACKLINE Performance Motorsport BLUE Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover!  These are our most complex pieces created to date.  Meticulously designed and created in house to the highest precision and quality seen on our other products giving the factory units an all new form factor.  We bring to you the newest addition to the BLACKLINE Performance product line for your BMW M Vehicles.  

Give the plain plastic factory coolant caps an upgrade with our brand new BLACKLINE Performance Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover.  Each cap is CNC formed from T6 Aluminum and anodized in our all new limited release motorsport inspired blue color.  All logos and decorations are finalized through our precision 3D milling process, machined into each cap for the ultimate premium finish.  The BLACKLINE Performance Billet Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover will fit most BMW vehicles equipped with the N55, S55, S63, and S65 engine with the large coolant tank found in the following vehicles E90/E91/E92 M3 LCI, F22 M235i, F87 M2/M2 Competition, F80 M3, F82 M4, F10/F90 M5, and more (check your coolant cap ensuring that it is the same shape as seen in the product photos).  Each kit comes with a Billet Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover, and an Installation Instruction Card.  This is a not a full cap replacement.  The Billet Cap Cover affixes to the top of your factory coolant cap installing easily in minutes. 

What's included

  • 1 x Goldenwrench Supply Coolant Tank Cap Cover
  • Installation Instructions

Compatible models

  • BMW M235i (2014-2020, F22)
  • BMW M2 & M2 Competition (2015-2021, F87)
  • BMW M3 (2007-2019, E90 E91 E92 F80)
  • BMW M4 (2014-2020, F82)
  • BMW M5 & M5 Competition (2011+, F10 F90)