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G87 (2023+)

Parts and accessories for BMW G87 M2 (2023+) vehicles.

The latest generation in BMWs M2 line up brings a lot of attitude, technology and performance. This wide, boxy and impressive car has split opinions on looks but the reviews sing from the same hymn sheet, this thing drives well

AUTOID have developed a huge catalogue of body kits, performance parts and accessories specifically for the new G87 M2. 

  • Betalink Adhesive Set 1K - AUTOID - Accessories
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    BMW M Performance

    Betalink Adhesive Set 1K

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    Genuine BMW Betalink Adhesive Set 1K - 83-19-5-A32-6D0 What's included 1 x Tube of Betalink Adhesive Set

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