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When it comes to detailing and car care, there is one name that you can't seem to avoid. Stjarnagloss appeared on the scene in 2020 and immediately blew up. Their high quality products, mixed with fun branding and current-approach to social media has meant their brand is now shoulder to shoulder with the big boys. 

They have developed an extensive range of products but have ensured that there is minimum wastage and cross-over between them. The owner of Stjarnagloss, Jack, has a no-bullsh*t approach to his products. "If our quick detailer will work for your interior as well as your exterior, I won't sell you or create an 'interior' detailer - I'll tell you to use the stuff you have!"

The Stjarnagloss product range currently includes a quick detailer, glass cleaner, polish and Shampoo - amongst a number of other essentials for the keen DIY car cleaner. 

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