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Carbon Fibre Performance Rear Diffuser for BMW M140i/M135i LCI (2015-2019)


Engineered from the outset to deliver on our promise on individuality and quality, our rear diffuser for the M140i (and M135i LCI) is what the car needed from the factory. It sets off the back end of the car and adds real definition to the diffuser area - great to showcase your exhaust system. Available in a range of colour and material options, your guaranteed to find a style suitable for your car.

The standout feature of the carbon fibre diffuser is the unique V-weave in the centre. This is commonly found on supercars and emphasises quality and precision.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Carbon Fibre (CFRP, 2x2 Weave with symmetrical V/Herringbone Twill) Performance Rear Diffuser


Installation takes approximately 10 minutes. On each end of the OEM diffuser, it's attached underneath by one removable plastic rivet and one 8mm hexagon bolt. Two push rivets and two bolts in total. Remove both and unclip the old diffuser - it will pull out. Remove the reflectors from the original diffuser and fit to your new AUTOID Performance Diffuser. Begin the process in reverse.

A video tutorial will be coming soon.

Alternatively, we can fit onsite. Please contact us at in order to make an appointment.

Compatible models

  • BMW M135i LCI (2015-2017, F20 F21)
  • BMW M140i (2015-2019, F20 F21)