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Carbon Fibre Performance Rear Diffuser for BMW M235i & M240i (2014-2020, F22 F23)


Engineered from the outset to deliver on our promise on individuality and quality, our rear diffuser for the M240i (and M235i) is what the car needed from the factory. It sets off the back end of the car and adds real definition to the diffuser area - great to showcase your exhaust system.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Carbon Fibre (CFRP, 2x2 Weave) Performance Rear Diffuser


As with all our products we recommend professional installation. For best fitment, we recommend removing the rear bumper to secure the new carbon fibre tabs. Should you not do this, you may not achieve 100% fitment. On average, removing the bumper takes around 15-20 mins.

If you're not wanting to remove the bumper, the install process is much more simple. On each end of the OEM diffuser there is 1x plastic rivet and 1x 8mm hex bolt, remove them. Two push rivets and two bolts in total. Remove both and unclip the old diffuser - it will pull out. Reinstall the new diffuser.

We will cannot accept returns for poor fitment due to install without bumper removal.

Compatible models

  • BMW M235i (2015-2017, F22 F23)
  • BMW M240i (2017-2021, F22 F23)