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Performance Pack Pro for BMW M2 (F87, 2015-2018)

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The idea is simple. Carefully selected products that work hand in hand to enhance the visuals of your vehicle. When combined in this way, our Performance Packs offer our most popular products as a go-to solution, with the added benefit of significant savings.

NOTE Images on this product page are for illustration only. Products may vary.


  • TRE Dry Carbon Fibre Performance Front Lip
  • Carbon Fibre Fender Trim
  • TRE Dry Carbon Fibre Mirrors
    • Performance Mirror Units
    • Performance Mirror Covers
    • Standard Mirror Covers
  • Carbon Fibre Performance Side Blades (Optional)
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler
    • CS Series
    • Performance Series
  • Carbon Fibre Performance Rear Diffuser
  • Gloss Black Rear Model Badge


  • BMW M2 (F87, 2015-2018)


We recommend seeking professional assistance when looking to install our Performance Pack. AUTOID has partnered with a number of dealers around the world to enable you to walk in and have items fitted locally. Alternatively, we offer fitting at our own facilities in Brentwood, Essex. Please contact us at in order to make an appointment.

Should you be looking to install the Performance Pack at home, we have created a number of video tutorials which are accessible here. If the tutorial you seek is not available, you can request instructions from a member of staff.